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Sales Boost Bootcamp [SBB]

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What if you could simplify and save time creating content and automate sales from your content so that you can scale your business faster without working extra hours?

Are you sick and tired of seeing EVERY other small account in digital marketing making thousands while your reels are stuck at 200 views or less AND you can't crack the code for making sales daily... though you feel like you're doing EVERYTHING the gurus are telling you to do??

✨Video Marketing is on one of THE most powerful marketing strategies to skyrocket your sales!

I'm NO stranger to this feeling, friend.

When I first started, I was putting in the work for three months. And I mean..I'm smart. I knew that it couldn't be me...and it wasn't. It was my strategy! I was SO ready to quit, but everything changed once I invested over $4,000 into more education so I could craft and test a strategy that helped me generate leads daily, attract non-digital marketers daily, leverage digital marketers to help hack my account growth and completely THRIVE on multiple brand new accounts.

After SOOOO many requests for my personal strategy, which helped me grow my face forward digital marketing page to 80,000 followers in 5 months and my faceless pages to over 50,000 followers in 6 months, achieve regular four and even five-figure days, and maintain a steady stream of leads and sales, I am SO excited to share it with you.

Now, I make money every time I post - doesn't matter if it's a reel or a story.

What’s inside SBB?

This master class includes 70 comprehensive short videos (3-10 minutes

each) explaining every step in detail!

This comprehensive, step-by-step strategy reveals exactly what I do each day to generate hundreds of leads, gain 100+ new organic, engaged followers daily, and make consistent sales.

  • How to Identify Your Target Market: People can't buy from you if they don't know what you sell and they WON'T buy from you if they don't know why they should care. This is the exact strategy that I used to create a Customer Avatar (aka a fictional representation of my dream client) so I knew EXACTLY who to speak to and how to speak to them because sales is ALL about matching your message to your market!

  • How to Train The Algorithm: Exact strategies I've used to help build a catalog of viral content that you you can recreate, easily find trending audio and help the algorithm know exactly what kind of audience you want them to show your content to

  • How to Find, Attract and Reach Your Dream Clients: Including strategies to attract non-digital marketers and convert them into followers and buyers

  • Reel Optimization: Techniques to ensure your reels consistently attract followers

  • Write Captions like a Pro: My exact caption structure that gets me consistent leads

  • Lead Generation: The specific strategies I use to create hundreds of leads daily, with detailed guidance on what to do and say in DMs

  • The Art of Storytelling: Examples of both face-forward and faceless storytelling that sells through reels

  • Account/Bio Optimization for Sales: How to set up your account to maximize sales

  • Stories That Sell: How to post stories that stand out and drive sales

  • Authentically Connect and Engage to Drive Sales: Step-by-step tasks to boost growth and sales, and get your content in front of your target market

  • Daily/Weekly/Night-Time Action Plan: My daily routine that ensures consistent growth, leads, and sales without spending hours on the app

SBB is for you if:

  • You're stuck in your digital marketing journey.

  • You’re trying random tactics without success.

  • You’re relying on consistency and hoping to go viral to start making money.

  • You’re experiencing slow growth, not attracting your target audience, and lacking consistent sales.

The Sales Boost Bootcamp also comes with an affiliate program!

You can resell it and earn an 75% commission! When you purchase, you’ll receive an affiliate link and instructions for adding it to your Stan Store.

Note: No refunds are permitted for digital products.

📚There's unlimited potential to explode your business if:

☑️ You learn how to create viral video content that grows your audience

with ideal clients

☑️ You implement simple strategies for creating simple yet effective

videos without overwhelming yourself

☑️ You implement simple strategies for proactively reaching out to leads to

make sales without overwhelming yourself

☑️ You learn how to automate your sales process flow from your video

content, boost your engagement and increase your views

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